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                                                     DATING CONTRACT  

In an effort to get to know each other better, we will agree to abide by this dating contract. Since
handbooks or instructions for life were never provided when we were born, here to, there are no absolute
rules. These suggestions and guidelines are designed for us to determine if we really want to continue our
relationship or move on. Different events, time of year and even the weather can influence our timing,
therefore the following suggestions are in random order. We will complete as many suggestions as we can
and make up more if we feel they would be appropriate.

Nothing brings out the truth better than a good buzz. It's up to you whether or not to do this early on, or
wait a few weeks. It is important to be relaxed and worry free for this exercise, so make sure there will be
no plans to operate a motor vehicle. This should be just the two of you, without groups of people around
to influence your behavior or communication. Just the two of you, 4 or 5 bottles of wine, a couple cases of
beer and a bottle of vodka ought to do it. If you’re not into adult beverages, use whatever substance floats
your boat and causes your personality to default to it’s truthful self. There are no further instructions,
except we recommend you both ask a lot of questions. If you start getting the feeling this is reminding
you of a job interview, stop talking and find something else to do. Trust your instincts, live for the moment
and do what feels like the right thing to do at the time.

Meet some relatives. It doesn’t really matter who or how many, but you both should. Your goal is to
simply make that happen. This obviously will disclose any negative feelings one might have about the
other. If someone would feel embarrassed about having you meet any part of the family, your relationship
is already doomed and will never survive. Call it quits. Walk away before you get sucked into a bad

Discover what the other person’s “outside the relationship” interests are. We all need to be interested in
something “away” from the relationship. It could be a hobby or a career goal or anything that will make
you spend time apart. One must be comfortable enough with the others interest to encourage them to
succeed. You are looking for a balanced life here, not an obsession to be with someone, no matter how
“hot” you think they are, or how afraid you may be that they might find someone else because you are not
with them constantly. Being “glued at the hip” is a recipe for failure. Too much of anything, even a good
thing can be very bad. Spend some time alone with your other friends and family too. Absence really does
make the heart grow fonder.

Discuss what you want to be when you grow up. We all have our hopes and dreams no matter what age
we are. What you want to do for the rest of your life and your goals for the future are an important issue.

Talking on the phone can be a delicate subject, especially in the beginning of a relationship. It’s great to
have long conversations if you want to, but if you don’t, don’t do it. One-person spending hours on the
phone if they prefer a shorter conversation will be a clue you should pay attention to. If you don’t cut it
short and talk for hours to avoid hurting the other person’s feelings, one of you is in trouble and the other
is deceived.

Whatever you do, DON’T go shopping together. A successful relationship does not have to include
shopping. This should be a sacred alone time activity. You will have enough of this if you decide to
extend your relationship.

Find something to argue about. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, but the bigger the better. Pay
attention to how the other person presents themselves. Determine their method is passive or aggressive.
(The silent treatment or screaming) The two most important things you are looking for, is if they avoid
conflict or meet it head on, and if they can honestly communicate their true feelings. Be careful, you want
to avoid the “built up and later blow up” relationship destroying situation.

As far as sex is concerned, you both need to do what’s right. If you both want to wait, go ahead and wait.
If you both want to gradually discover intimacy with this person, you should do that. In the event you
want to attack each other and screw your brains out until the sun comes up, lucky you! As far as sex is
concerned, you should be thinking about compatibility here. Frequency, passion, and variety with sex can
wear out with time. As long as you are on the same wavelength here, your sexual compatibility will be fine.

One of the most important things in relationships is a sense of humor. If you are attracted to the other
person’s sense of humor, and you don’t have one, it can be a problem. The degree to which you make
each other laugh is an important ingredient for success.

Your final thoughts should include “Who’s the Boss.” Has this been a democratic relationship or is one
person clearly dominant, and is that something you are willing to live with? Sometimes one person is
clearly the boss and the other partner is fine with that. If you both want to be in charge in the same
situations, that’s when, problems arise. Be aware of this.

We the undersigned will attempt to complete as many of these suggestions as we can. When the life of the
contract is over, we will use this experience to determine our trust in each other, lifestyle compatibility
and chemistry. We understand that what happens after this is unknown, but look forward to getting to
know each other better in hopes of our relationship continuing.

                                Time Frame _____________ Weeks

Signed _____________________________________ Date _____________

Signed _____________________________________ Date _____________

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